Crime around campus has always been a concern to students, faculty and prospective students. However, over the past few years the UH Police Department, as well as the Houston Police Department, have been working to reduce crime rates in the area. The results are starting to show, as crime rates around UH have been decreasing since 2006.

“We continually evaluate the types of crime that are affecting our community and adjust our patrol and investigation methods to address those issues,” said Bret Collier, UHPD lieutenant and chief of staff. “We have seen a dramatic change in campus geography and population over the past five years, which changes the way we have to look at statistics over that period.”

According to Houston Police Department’s Uniform Crime Summary, there were approximately 991 total violent and non-violent crimes in 2013 in the area around UH (which is classified as police beat 10H50). In 2006, there were approximately 1,428 violent and non-violent crimes in the area. In other words, there were 437 more crimes in 2006 than in 2013. […]

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