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Fountain Residential’s Beechwood Village, a purpose-built cottage product located two blocks from campus with University of Arkansas property flanking the development on three sides, making the project almost on campus.

“We’re walk-to-campus, walk-to-retail and walk-to-athletic sites,” Little says. “It’s a fantastic location.”

Beechwood Village sits on 17 acres and is the first cottage product in Fayetteville. “We had stayed away from the cottage product
because typically to get the 15 to 20 acres required for a cottage product, you’ve got to be two to five miles from campus,” Little says.

“The way to hold your value longterm, however, is in proximity to campus, so we commissioned a market research study on cottage projects in similarly sized markets, and it showed that cottages two to three miles from campus in 10 markets were achieving some of the highest occupancies and rents in those markets.”